Re: A couple of quirks?

Bob McGraw - K4TAX

I believe #1 is audio voltage displayed. Not sure about the averaging 

#2 depends on how you have the S meter configured to respond. It can be set to show the effect of the attenuation or not.  Likewise RF gain too. 

What you are getting is normal, depending on Menu & CONFIG settings. 

Bob, K4TAX

On Nov 29, 2019, at 5:32 PM, Mark Horn <mhorn71@...> wrote:

I'm a new owner of a K3s and a P3 and I have a couple of funny quirks which I don't know why I get them. 

1. When I set the the display to read dBV it reads a constant 99.9dBV until I start turning the VFO B knob clockwise a maybe a dozen times and then the display finally reads something sensible such as -0.9dBV is this normal behaviour? 

2.  When I switch the built in attenuator on the signal level on the K3s drops but the noise level on the P3 increases and again I have no idea why that should be?

Can anyone shed any light on the above two quirks? 

73 Mark

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