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Bob McGraw - K4TAX

My configuration is K3S, KPA500 and KAT500.   When I switch frequencies using the M>V button the KAT500 automatically switches to that frequency and its set of pre determined settings.   I do press the M>V button twice. The first push I hear the relay click and the 2nd push sets the radio to the memory frequency and mode.   No auto tune needed or activated.


Bob, K4TAX

On 11/27/2019 9:31 AM, Jerry wrote:

GM All,


I have a K3 which I am using for MARS operation. As such, I have put into memory all the MARS frequencies I need to be able to be more efficient in using the radio on any of these frequencies> Note: All these frequencies are outside the amateur radio bands. I have “trained” my KAT500, which follows my KPA500, to switch in the proper settings. What I have found is that when I switch from one frequency to another using memory recall, the KAT500 does not follow the frequency but rather stays at the same settings as the last frequency I used, hence my KPA500 faults. My KAT500 does an auto tune to get on track. This was very troublesome for a while then I discovered that after I switched to a new frequency using memory recall (M>V) button just once, the K3 apparently sends out the new frequency to the KAT500 and then all is well in the KAT500. I know this even before I start a transmit because I hear a “thunk – not a relay higher pitch click - immediately after the M>V key tap.


Has anyone experience this, and if so was there a solution in eliminating the M>V key tap to get the K3/KAT500 working seamlessly? I was planning to set this K3 up as an ALE station because of the ability of the K3 to send frequency data to the KAT500 before ALE starts its’ automatic transmission. Won’t be possible until a solution is found for the elimination of the M>V key tap function.


Best regards and Happy Thanksgiving,


Jerry, W1IE


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