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If you are not getting PTT when CONFIG:PTT-KEY is set to OFF-OFF, but only when it is set to RTS-OFF, it looks as if you have configured your software programs to use RTS on the radio control port for PTT. Unfortunately, either the computer is toggling RTS at unexpected times or perhaps there is a problem with the voltage levels on the RTS pin on the cable.

Here is a suggestion for an alternative configuration: Set the K3's CONFIG:PTT-KEY to OFF-OFF. In each of your radio control/logging programs, disable the PTT via RTS and instead configure the software to do PTT via CAT (radio command). In N1MM+, set RTS to Always Off and check the check box for "PTT via Radio Command Digital Mode" (and other modes if you use PTT in them). In WSJT-X, select CAT as the PTT method.

If you don't like the PTT via CAT method, VOX works just fine on the K3 in digital modes. For VOX, you don't configure any form of PTT control in N1MM+, and in WSJT-X you select VOX as the PTT method. I can't speak for HRD.

Regarding the Split mode in WSJT-X, I have never been happy with the results using the "Rig" setting; "Fake It" works better for me. Just don't be disconcerted by seeing the frequency on the rig's dial change between RX and TX; that's what "Fake It" does.

Rich VE3KI

On Mon, Nov 18, 2019 at 10:08 AM, John H. Long Jr. wrote:
Good suggestion.
A bit of trouble shooting using WSJT-X v2.1.0
K3 set to Data mode.
   OFF-OFF    No pulse output, No PTT control
   RST-OFF    Random pulse output, PTT control
   DTR-OFF   Constant pulse chatter, No PTT
   OFF-RST   No Pulse, No PTT
   OFF-DTR   No pulse, No PTT
Additional observations:
   When WSJT-X's setup window is open, and I do a "Test CAT" which turns Green, things seem OK.
         On the K3 the yellow Delta f light is off (Just below the Power switch on the K3).
   Once I exit the WSJT-X setup window the yellow light (Delta F) turns on and the problem returns.
          It seems that the timing of the random xmit pulse is in sync with when I receive a signal higher that S-9
If I press A>B to align the two frequencies, everything seems to work ?????
If I change the "Split Mode" in WSJT-X to "Fake it" everything seems to work.
Now to do testing with HRD & N1MM.
John H. Long Jr.
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Subject: Re: [Elecraft-K3] Intermitent xmit pulse output
From: 've3ki' <ve3iay@...>
Date: 11/18/19 5:12 am

What is CONFIG:PTT-KEY set to? If you set it to OFF-OFF, does that stop the intermittent triggering of PTT?

Rich VE3KI

On Sun, Nov 17, 2019 at 07:53 PM, John H. Long Jr. wrote:
Whenever I am connected to the K3 using CAT control software the K3 randomly goes into XMIT mode for a split second and then back to normal.

It happens when I use N1MM, WSJT-X, HRD etc.

Since it happens when connected using CAT control on all 3 software programs I wonder if I have something setup wrong in the K3?

When I shut off any CAT control program, the random XMIT pulse does not happen.

K3 firmware version MCU 05.60

Any suggestions?

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