Re: K3S to be discontinued; bug fixes, not

Bill Mader <billamader@...>


There will "always" be a, or many, used K3 for sale.  Looking at current used prices, you can pick-up a bargain frequently.  A well-equipped new K3 price approaches that of a K4 and you get an awesome, built-in panadaptor plus other great features in the K4.  I'll be 75 next week and the K4 entices me, not scares me.  The K3 was a big jump for me from my TS-940.  The K4 will be another big jump for me from the K3.  Hopefully, it will be ready to ship to NM when we return from our Winter visit to SW AZ in February.

We are fortunate we can choose what we want and can afford.  I read this in an astronomy magazine long ago:  "Buy once.  Cry once."  That seems like great advice for both ham radio and astronomy purchases.  As I focus primarily on contesting and DX'ing, I find Elecraft's feature sets keep making those aspects of our avocation every more interesting, fun, and satisfying.

73, Bill Mader, K8TE
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