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Ed Pflueger

Not a problem here fortunately. My big issue is tracking down whoever is wearing the Wi-Fi TV ears that are smack dab on 50.125 and floats up and down the band. Whenever I find them I'll buy them a new set. Hi.. Maybe I can get closer with a directional antenna tied to my IFR hoping to solve it before 6 opens up again.
Ed.. AB4IQ

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I ran these switchers (SS30) in my station when I had a substantial distance between my antennas and the shack. They were great. As others have said — small, light, good supplies.

But when I relocated to a less ham friendly environment, and every antenna I can put up is within maybe 30’ of where my station is — noisy. Not awful. But noisy. Toroids on AC/DC lines cleaned most of it up, but not all of it. I eventually “regressed” to a nice quiet linear supply. I got tired of trying to figure out whether the junk was coming from somewhere else or the supplies. Weight became a minor issue.

Everything comes with caveats … it all depends.

Grant NQ5T

On Nov 6, 2019, at 2:44 PM, Ed Pflueger <ab4iq@...> wrote:

I also have two of those supplies, as well as, two of the 50 amp versions with no issues.

Ed.. AB4IQ

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I have two SS30DV PS, they are on 24/7. Small and light. I find it difficult to understand how they build such a capable switching supply that generates no noise in my rigs and supplies all the amps I need and is cool to the touch plus I never hear the fan. Excellent power supply in my opinion.

Dale k9vuj

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