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My dad who has been gone since 1989 and was a ham in the 30’s used to say “Hams are cheap”, but that’s not politically correct today and some people’s feelings might be hurt.




Jerry, W1IE


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Hams are frugal

Ken ke4rg


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I have been watching this thread concerning the usb to serial cable.  I am not sure why people just don't purchase the Elecraft one.




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The inexpensive Chinese 6 dollar cables use the Prolific drivers which are available for download.  The better cables use FTDI.  The difficulty using the Prolific cables and drivers is that each time Microsoft updates drivers, it will replace your Prolific drivers with FTDI and your cable will fail to operate.  Save yourself the difficulty buy just using the better cable to begin with.  These are available from Elecraft or RT Systems.  

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