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Christopher Scibelli


When two stations running beams and amplifiers are less than 1/10th of a mile apart there is going to be interference.  It's that simple.

I own an LP-700 station monitor and was on the waiting list for what seemed like an eternity.  Whenever I run my Alpha I put the station monitor in trapezoid mode to help ensure the amp. is operating linearly.  I can't think of another ham in our area that even owns one.  At over $1,000 that's not surprising.

The rumbler has been licensed longer than I have.  I would think that by now he'd understand that just because he spent over $3,000 for a transceiver it wouldn't change our situation. Since we're in the Elecraft forum we all know $3,000 is not even close to top dollar for a ham radio, but had he spent $10,000 it wouldn't have made a difference, either.

I think it's best that I just avoid interacting with my ham neighbor.  Telling him that he may be operating his transceiver improperly, or that we are simply too close in proximity, will probably not be taken the right way. 

Chris  NU1O

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Any selectivity on your behalf to keep from getting rumblings you are QRMing him is most likely due to his receiver.  Or perhaps he is not correctly using the features of his receiver.   Good chances your signal is simply overloading the receiver front end and causing IMD.   Perhaps you need to share with him my writing regarding Obtaining Optimum Receiver Performance. 

As to the Alpha 8410, I would be sure it is operated in its very linear range, thus make sure tuning and loading is absolutely correct as any slight mis-adjustment can cause IMD issues.   And make sure the drive applied is such that the PEP output does not exceed 1500 watts. 

Again, I view the neighbors problem with QRM from your station is  the TS-890 is related to the receiver.


Bob, K4TAX

On 11/2/2019 9:02 PM, Christopher Scibelli via Groups.Io wrote:
Do you not notice a difference on receive between the K3 and K3S, or simply feel the difference isn't worth the money?

I ask the question because I have two hams who are very close to me.  The one on the next street over is within a 7 iron shot, but he doesn't have a beam and he mostly stays on 80 meters with a small amp., whereas I hardly use 80 meters.  The ham two streets over has a small beam on a roof tower, a KPA500 and a Kenwood TS-890.  During the 10 meter contest I usually have to get about 50 khz away from him, but I'm getting rumblings that I may be QRMing him on the whole band.  We aren't close friends so we rarely speak and he's not very active.  I use an Alpha 8410, and a 10 Element tribander atop a 55 foot US Tower.  

I was hoping for some more selectivity but if it's just a dB or two, I would just keep the rig as a K3.

Thanks and 73,


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I would pop the HPA in and out a few times, maybe with some contact cleaner and maybe do the same with the front panel, although I'm not sure about this.  You have the ATU so this might not apply, but I don't and have found that the ground return to the output connector is via a standoff and screw and is really iffy.  I added a solder lug and a jumper wire to fix that intermittent.

Otherwise, I wouldn't spend the bucks for any upgrade unless you are a 6 or 10-meter op and need the preamp.  I say all of this as the owner of both a K3 and a K3S.

Wes  N7WS

On Sat, Nov 2, 2019 at 04:41 PM, Christopher Scibelli wrote:
I have a K3, Serial # is about 2340, and it needs to be repaired.  I'm getting the "12V Error" which Elecraft told me is due to not having gold contacts in the PA section of the rig. I can only get 12 watts of output, but for about a year this was intermittent.  Now, RF power never reverts to the nominal 100 watts. It's always 12 watts.

I think they also said some of the front panel buttons needed to be replaced with gold panel contacts as well, but this conversation was over 6 months ago and things were delayed due to medical issues.

I was told I'd be responsible for about 2 hours of lab time which I can afford.  However, I, too, was going to have upgrades done so my K3 is as close to a K3S as possible.

What mods did you have done to your K3 and what was the total bill?  I have a fully loaded K3 aside from the 2nd receiver.  5 INRAD filters, the ATU, voice recorder, general coverage receiver, and all other options aside from the 2nd receiver which from my 10 years with the rig is something I've decided I can do without.

I do need this repaired so I feel I may as well have some K3S mods done while Elecraft has my rig.  

Very 73,

Chris  NU1O

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