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Christopher Scibelli

I'm now in the shack and see my SN is #2341.  I'm pretty sure this was bought in late 2008 but I got busy with a work project and the kit wasn't finished until  2010.

The tech said it needed gold contacts so I'm sending it in whether I add K3S mods or not. I'd like the 12V out to be increased to an Amp. versus 500mA, and I have some other changes which I'd prefer they do. Deoxit may get me back to 100W but the problem will likely reoccur until those contacts are changed to gold contacts.

Thanks for chiming in, Grant!


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I bought my K3 in late 2007 (ser 2091). Over the years I put every factory-recommended hardware mod and every new updated board in it — DSP, synthesizers, KIO3B, VLF updates, etc.  IMO, it was worth the price.  Better audio, reduced phase noise, VLF coverage, etc.

None of these mods impact “selectivity” directly.  All of them made the K3 a better radio.  Even doing the majority of these updates myself, it was still somewhat expensive when a board needed to be replaced.  Still worth it.  Never looked back.

I know a lot of folks will tell you to just spritz some DeOxit or something on the FB board and KPA3 pins, but long term you’re better off with the gold pin updates.  And better off with all of the updates  applicable to your serial number if you plan to keep the radio.  The original K3 was a very good radio.  An updated K3 is a better radio.

Grant NQ5T

> On Nov 2, 2019, at 10:02 PM, Christopher Scibelli via Groups.Io <> wrote:
> Do you not notice a difference on receive between the K3 and K3S, or simply feel the difference isn't worth the money?
> I ask the question because I have two hams who are very close to me.  The one on the next street over is within a 7 iron shot, but he doesn't have a beam and he mostly stays on 80 meters with a small amp., whereas I hardly use 80 meters.  The ham two streets over has a small beam on a roof tower, a KPA500 and a Kenwood TS-890.  During the 10 meter contest I usually have to get about 50 khz away from him, but I'm getting rumblings that I may be QRMing him on the whole band.  We aren't close friends so we rarely speak and he's not very active.  I use an Alpha 8410, and a 10 Element tribander atop a 55 foot US Tower.
> I was hoping for some more selectivity but if it's just a dB or two, I would just keep the rig as a K3.
> Thanks and 73,
> NU1O

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