Re: K3S to be discontinued

Christopher Scibelli

I bought my K3 in kit form.  I think the cost was about $3,200.  About 5 years later I added the P3 which I saw no point in building so no savings from a kit.  If I can bring this up to a K3S for a G-note I don't think that's unreasonable.  I did make about 60,000 Qs while I've had the K3 and I made Honor Roll so adding $1,000 after a decade of very heavy use isn't unreasonable in my humble opinion.  Hopefully, I get another decade of use from the rig.  If it lasts that long it probably will be time to buy a new State of the Art rig. Plus, I rather put the money into more antennas.

I'll call Elecraft on Monday to get a new RA (I can't find mine any longer and it may have expired after 6 months) and see what options I need to have installed to bring this up to as close to a new K3S as possible.  I love the rig and see no point in buying a K4.  BTW, I hit the big 60 in August.

Harry, K7ZOV, if I weren't having all these mods done I'd try Deoxit and the like.  Thanks for the tip!


Chris  NU1O

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