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I was given a DOA/tech Special a few years ago.  My radio is older then yours. That said I also have some issues with the contacts and fixed them fairly easily.  I got some spray contact cleaner from Walmart.  I have seen the same cleaner and similar at auto parts houses. For the AMP module pull it out and spray both the contacts in the amp module and then the mating ones.  If you have front panel issues you will have to do the same.  It has been 5 yrs since I did this and have not seen any problems like I had, like low power.  Takes a few hours but worth it.

73 Harry K7ZOV

On Saturday, November 2, 2019, 4:41:24 PM MST, Christopher Scibelli via Groups.Io <nu1oscar@...> wrote:

I have a K3, Serial # is about 2340, and it needs to be repaired.  I'm getting the "12V Error" which Elecraft told me is due to not having gold contacts in the PA section of the rig. I can only get 12 watts of output, but for about a year this was intermittent.  Now, RF power never reverts to the nominal 100 watts. It's always 12 watts.

I think they also said some of the front panel buttons needed to be replaced with gold panel contacts as well, but this conversation was over 6 months ago and things were delayed due to medical issues.

I was told I'd be responsible for about 2 hours of lab time which I can afford.  However, I, too, was going to have upgrades done so my K3 is as close to a K3S as possible.

What mods did you have done to your K3 and what was the total bill?  I have a fully loaded K3 aside from the 2nd receiver.  5 INRAD filters, the ATU, voice recorder, general coverage receiver, and all other options aside from the 2nd receiver which from my 10 years with the rig is something I've decided I can do without.

I do need this repaired so I feel I may as well have some K3S mods done while Elecraft has my rig.  

Very 73,

Chris  NU1O

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