Good Morning!

Bill Mader <billamader@...>

A long-time Elecraft owner (K3 #1 in 2009), when I saw this group mentioned, I thought I should join it.  After all, I have so "few" messages to read each day!  We're on our way to San Ramon for Pacificon.  After that, we will drop by Watsonville to leave a KPA500 at the hospital.  It did not survive the fall from the RV table, where it was strapped securely (or not), to the table after I hit a jarring pothole.  The LCD now looks like it's on LSD and nothing else functions properly.

If we can stay in CA long enough, and Team Elecraft has recovered from sufficiently from Pacificon, I hope to get a tour.  If not, harassing Bob, K6XX, at the show will have to suffice.  I also have the bottom cover from my new K2 kit with me in hopes of getting Eric and Wayne to autograph it.

73, Bill Mader, K8TE
W6H NM Coordinator, Route 66 On-the-Air 4-13 Sep 2020
ARRL New Mexico Section Manager
ARRL - The national association for Amateur Radio
Duke City Hamfest BoD 18-20 Sep 2020
Secretary and Past President, Albuquerque DX Association 

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