New revision of KPA500 LPF T_R Switching rework Rev.E guide available

Petr Ourednik

Hi folks,

just FYI...

Latest updated revision (rev.09-19) of the Elecraft KPA500 - LPF T/R Switch
Rework Rev. E guide is available on my blog here:

Document updates in rev.09-19:

1. All 7 components to be modified or replaced in the modification are now
highlighted on the PA/LPF board picture

2. I added short instruction how to remove the PA/LPF module from the KPA500
cabinet (ref. to KPA500 Kit Assembly Instruction manual)

3. Picture of the PA/LPF board with all 7 components marks is available with
better resolution.

The Elecraft KPA500 LPF T_R Switching rework Rev.E guide_24Sep19 document is
also available in .pdf format upon email request.

Maybe it will help,

73 - Petr, OK1RP
"Apple & Elecraft freak"

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