KPA-Sonics Round 2


1. Thought I would start a new thread, since the first posts in the last one are entering the ice age.

2.  Both Elecraft and K8UT offer remote control programs.   The Elecraft works on USB and Ethernet/Web.   The K8UT works only on Ethernet.   Both provide some fan control functions, the K8UT program being more operator driven relative to fan control functions.   If you can remote, the fan noise is not a issue.   If you cannot remote, the use of these control programs does allow the operator to set minimum fan speeds so they amp takes a bit longer to heat up to level 3.   The elecraft program gives an option of three different monitor screen displays.  The larger one has all the information on the amp in a window on your monitor.   Click tuning.

3.  I sent a couple of suggestions to Elecraft support, but only got the Thank You response


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