Re: A K3 and/or KAT500 problem


Thank you all for your suggestions. Wes, I will look at those two relays and replace them with some extra relays I have from a KPA500 LBP board that was replaced much earlier.


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Jerry, W1IE


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I don't see a K3 problem, I think it's a problem with one, or both, bypass relays (K20-K21) in the KAT500, although I suppose it could be any one of the relays.


Wes  N7WS


On 8/9/2019 3:31 PM, Jerry wrote:

GA All,


This problem I have started about several months ago. Prior to the problem, I “trained” my KAT500 to switch to selected antenna tuner values automatically when I switch frequencies, such that I never had to give the Kat500 a little bit of rf to get the correct L and C.


Now every time I switch to a frequency far enough away from the current one I was on, I hear the relays click and clack, but the K3 is slightly muted. When I give the KAT500 a slight CW key down, (not SSB) then the radio becomes more sensitive and the SWR becomes what it should be based on “training the KAT500 parameters” were before. If the KPA500 is on when I give the KAT500 a short CW key down, then the amp goes into (briefly) high swr reading and then returns to normal operation.


I have two KAT500 and both exhibit the same characterizations which leads me to believe that the K3 may be misconfigured.


Anyone have any suggestions?



Best regards,


Jerry, W1IE

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