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Rob Sherwood

Hi Merv, K9FD,

I haven’t copied you on JT9 on 630m for a long time from Hawaii to Colorado. March 3rd was the last time I worked Roger, VK4YB on 475 kHz.  Glad to hear all is well out in the Pacific. 

Rob, NC0B

On Jul 3, 2019, at 10:16 AM, Merv Schweigert <merv.k9fd@...> wrote:

Aloha Dale,
Yes I figure it was a real bargain.   Has every update you can buy.  
Part of why I think the guy settled so cheap was when I received it nothing
worked,  just the basic receiver,  I opened it and there was a cable unplugged
from the KVX3B,  plugged it in and it worked,  then had to go through the
menu and enable all the options,  all were disabled.  I think someone updated
it and did not read the instructions?  did not enable anything in software.
When enabled all works fine.  

Things on Molokai about the same,  having a record season of hot weather, 
setting records almost every day at 90 degs or so.  and having heavy rains,
really unusual weather for here.  But all is fine. 

Have not been on 160 for a few months,  guess the QRN has driven me off
until next "season".   Not usually up early this time of the year to catch
your sunrise,  sunrise here is 1550Z right now.  seems yours is about 1 am
my time?  Probably best to wait until its closer to fall and conditions are

I am going to pass on the K4,  at least for a year or so,  always a number of
updates or changes in the new ones,  and not sure I will gain any performance.
I dont need touch screen and eye candy,   pretty happy with the K3 as it is and
wish they would continue to work with it a little more,  NR and NB etc still
need some work. 

Good to see you on, Im sure we can make it on 160 towards winter when it
quiets down and we have more darkness.  
73 merv
Hey Merv how’s things on Molokai?

Wow, you got a good price on that K3.  I have an ad on Eham for one of my K3’s, $1400 with only the ATU and updated synth, got only one tire kicker.  So I keep my K3’s and forget about any K4’s for a while…

I’ve got a 160 antenna sort of but it takes power, sometime it would be fun to try a contact early in the mornings before sunrise here.  

73 all the best 

Dale, K9VUJ

On 02, Jul 2019, at 19:33, Merv Schweigert <merv.k9fd@...> wrote:

I just bought another the other day, a back up K3,  thats 3 so far,   paid 1400 shipped,  it has sub receiver,
new synth in both, new USB, new KVX3B with preamps,  ATU, matching filters in both
receivers of 400, 1.0, 2.8. 6kc.   all updates and latest firmware.  BPF general coverage
for 630m etc.   Probably forgot something,  figured that was a good price for a top radio.
Since I have seen a couple comparable at 1500 to 1600.  
This one runs daily on 630M mainly WSPR over nite.  Waste of a radio,  but at the price
why not. 

73 Merv K9FD

I hear ya…

I have two, k3 and k3s.  I put the k3 up for sale for $1400, included the ATU and upgrade synth.  I got one inquire.  that was it.  I will keep it rather than lower the price.  Backup shall we say..  

I agree on the K4, at first I was really interested then after a while thinking about it I got less interested….so like you I’ll wait for the dust to settle, then think about it again.  In the meantime my K3s, P3, KAT500, KPA500 are working super good…

Dale, K9VUJ

On 02, Jul 2019, at 16:19, Everett N4CY via Groups.Io <everettsharp@...> wrote:


My reason for selling is not because of the K4, it is because I have 3 K3S. Wife said it is time to down size. The K4 which has a lot of nice eye candy will take many upgrades and lots of $$$$$ to perform as well as a K3S. 

Also as I learned a long time ago there are some things you don’t want to be the first on the block to buy.  Nothing is perfect the first timeout and there can be many bugs that will need to be worked out as they are discovered. They could be software, which is easy to correct, or hardware, which might be more difficult to correct. 

Case in point, look at all of the changes and mods that were done over the years to the early K3s. There were a lot of hardware changes that required parts/components to be removed and, or added, or replaced. Most of the mods required soldering, all of the components are SMD, so how many hams are capable of, or have the equipment to replace the SMD components? So the K4 might have to make a few trips back to Elecraft. Shipping charges are very expensive these days. 

So for me I will stick with the K3S which has all of the bugs worked out, I just don’t need 3 of them. 

Everett N4CY

On Jul 2, 2019, at 3:14 PM, dalej via Groups.Io <dalej2@...> wrote:

I probably would have printed void on back an front then sent it back to him..

I have one K3 and one K3s.  Of course, everybody is gleaning for a K4 so the K3’s are now showing up for sale….pleanty to choose from.  It’s a buyers market.  For me I won’t be selling any K3’s and taking a big hit, too good of a radio.  

Dale, K9VUJ

On 02, Jul 2019, at 14:15, Everett N4CY via Groups.Io <everettsharp@...> wrote:

I just received a check for the K3S, however, the original buyer decided to go another direction so I am re-listing the below K3S and his check is now in the shredder.

For Sale is an Elecraft K3S/100-F Factory Built SN-10484. It comes with the standard 2.7kHz Filter, original instruction manual, USB, RJ-45 to RS232 and power cables.


Options Below, which are included:



KFL3-6K 6 kHz 8 POLE FILTER    

KFL3-2.1K  8 POLE FILTER          

MH4 Hand Mic

Fred Candy K3S Book


This K3S is in excellent condition and there is not a scratch on it any where. I bought it new 12/1/15 and it has been only casually used, primarily on digital. The K3S has been updated to the current firmware. I have gone through and checked the receiver sensitivity, using the Elecraft XG3 RF Signal Source and I have also checked the power output on all bands and all looks to be normal and within specifications. I did check with Elecraft technical support to see if there were any current mods, or updates and was told there were none.


Asking price is $2750, which includes shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 states. I do have the original shipping box, which will be used to ship the K3S.


If you were to order this new from Elecraft today, with their special price it would cost:


K3S/100F with ATU  $3185, Special price, which includes Mic and Fred Candy book, you just won’t get a hat with mine.

KBPF3A  GEN. COV MODULE      $199.95

KFL3-6K 6 kHz 8 POLE FILTER     $149.95

KFL3-2.1K  8 POLE FILTER           $149.95

Total                                            ------------------



If interested in buying the K3S please contact me off list at everettsharp@....  Also if there are questions and a potential buyer would like to discuss on phone please first contact me by email and I will pass along my phone number.


Everett N4CY

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