Re: Re-listing K3S For sale

bill steffey NY9H

the Japanese ALWAYS SEEM TO GET THE EARLY ADOPTERS..... IE:   IC 7300  is about $999 with the coupons.                                             e. It came out listed at $1699... then  $1299 now $1099 now with 100$ coupon. And that radiois made in JA land.


On 7/3/2019 8:41 AM, Jeffrey griffin wrote:

One good thing is if you are one of the first to buy a K4 it won’t cost you money to be the first to own. The K4 will cost the same a year from now, or maybe a little more. On the other hand if you buy from the offshore competition it will cost you. I just bought an Icom IC-9700 for $1699. When it came out a few months ago it was $2199, yes it has depreciated $500 in a few months.


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