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I probably would have printed void on back an front then sent it back to him..

I have one K3 and one K3s.  Of course, everybody is gleaning for a K4 so the K3’s are now showing up for sale….pleanty to choose from.  It’s a buyers market.  For me I won’t be selling any K3’s and taking a big hit, too good of a radio.  

Dale, K9VUJ

On 02, Jul 2019, at 14:15, Everett N4CY via Groups.Io <everettsharp@...> wrote:

I just received a check for the K3S, however, the original buyer decided to go another direction so I am re-listing the below K3S and his check is now in the shredder.

For Sale is an Elecraft K3S/100-F Factory Built SN-10484. It comes with the standard 2.7kHz Filter, original instruction manual, USB, RJ-45 to RS232 and power cables.


Options Below, which are included:



KFL3-6K 6 kHz 8 POLE FILTER    

KFL3-2.1K  8 POLE FILTER          

MH4 Hand Mic

Fred Candy K3S Book


This K3S is in excellent condition and there is not a scratch on it any where. I bought it new 12/1/15 and it has been only casually used, primarily on digital. The K3S has been updated to the current firmware. I have gone through and checked the receiver sensitivity, using the Elecraft XG3 RF Signal Source and I have also checked the power output on all bands and all looks to be normal and within specifications. I did check with Elecraft technical support to see if there were any current mods, or updates and was told there were none.


Asking price is $2750, which includes shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 states. I do have the original shipping box, which will be used to ship the K3S.


If you were to order this new from Elecraft today, with their special price it would cost:


K3S/100F with ATU  $3185, Special price, which includes Mic and Fred Candy book, you just won’t get a hat with mine.

KBPF3A  GEN. COV MODULE      $199.95

KFL3-6K 6 kHz 8 POLE FILTER     $149.95

KFL3-2.1K  8 POLE FILTER           $149.95

Total                                            ------------------



If interested in buying the K3S please contact me off list at everettsharp@....  Also if there are questions and a potential buyer would like to discuss on phone please first contact me by email and I will pass along my phone number.


Everett N4CY

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