I bought a brand new KX3 while at the Visalia DX Convention back in
April.  The box it came is is still sitting here.  It is a factory built
unit unit and is configured as follows:

KX3-F 160-6M Transceiver

KXAT3-F Internal 20W ATU

KXBC3-F Internal NiMH charger with real time clock

MH3 Hand Mic

ES80 Carrying case

I just bought NiMH batteries a week ago.  It appears to perform as the
factory specs indicate.  I have put a couple of frequencies into memory
and done a lot of listening with it.  Not one second of transmit time
though.  I use my K3 relentlessly so i have put the KX3 into it's
carrying case and set it up on the shelf.  The batteries should be fully
charged so take it out of the Box/case and fire it up.  It also comes
with the DC power cord and the KXUSB  cable.

Not sure what shipping costs would be, cheaper with out the box for sure
but not as safe.   Nice little radio and would be great as a WSPR unit.
Immaculate and un-marked in any way.

$1400 plus shipping



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