Re: Help with WJST-X, MicroKeyerII and K3



In the N1MM+ Configurer, under the Mode Control tab, on the right-hand side where it says "Mode sent to radio", in the row labelled PSK, set the "Mode sent to radio" to PSK (this is an N1MM+ metonym for DATA A on the K3). Doing this should result in the radio switching to DATA A automatically when N1MM+ loads WSJT-X.

Rich VE3KI

On Wed, Jun 12, 2019 at 12:50 AM, Tim AB0S wrote:
Do you have the K3 in USB or DATA mode???  You need DATA mode.  When in DATA, do you have it set to "DATA A"?  If not, put the K3 in DATA mode, then hold down the AFX/DATA MD button for 2 seconds.  Use VFO B to find "DATA A", then press the button again.

Not sure if this applies in your situation, but I'll toss it out there.  I just loaded WJST-X last week.  I immediately connected it to N1MM, so I can use it for FT8 general purpose logging or for contests.  I noticed that when N1MM loads WJST-X, it sets my K3 to USB mode.  WSJT decodes fine, but no job on transmit, until I switch the K3 to DATA mode.

Best of luck...  Tim, AB0S 

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