Re: K4 and Reliability on previous products?

Dick Diddams

I have had my K3 for almost 6-years and have had zero problems.  Total DX QSO's are 7,215 of which 6,976 were CW  Didn't keep track of USA contacts, which included numerous net operations. 

A K2 was purchased as a kit 15-years ago, and after having some original wiring issues (my fault) has worked flawlessly.  It is currently operated every few weeks for several hours; didn't keep records number of its QSOs. 

Before the K2 the rig was a Yaesu FT-1000D (now, 25 years old) - four times it has been repaired, the first time when it was 10-years old (2-times RF output issue & 2-times receiver problems.  The Yaesu was/is used primarily on 160-meters (dedicated station) with an is also operated a few hours every month or so.

Regards, 73 - W7QHE

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