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harry latterman <harrylatterman@...>

I don't expect the K3S will be discontinued nor the parts for the K3 or K3S for a long, long time, if ever. Parts might be a issue someday as mfg of them might decide to discontinue them from production. Elecraft will probably suck up a lot of them for the future when and if this happens. The chances of FPGA's and DSP chips will disappear much faster.  It will be a nightmare to all the SDR radios if and when that happens. Technologies in the field of FPGA's and DSP's are now moving faster then ever and chip mfg have only limited amount of wafer fab and it will be used for the latest and greatest parts at the time. That is my only concern about this new SDR technology.  Getting parts for them might be a nightmare some day.

Harry K7ZOV

On Sunday, May 19, 2019, 6:37:09 AM MST, dalej via Groups.Io <dalej2@...> wrote:

I don’t expect the K3 to be discontinued.  Look back at all the other product Elecraft has produced over the years, even the K1 is still in production I believe.  The K2 sure is.  Why would they drop a top of the reciever list K3 for a SDR type rig that won’t be as good if you have a neighbor ham or operate a multi station.

Dale, k9vuj

On 19, May 2019, at 8:04, HB <hbjr@...> wrote:

Has anyone heard if the K3 line will continue on as the K2 has or will it be discontinued?

I still have lots of upgrades to do to my K3S as money allows. I’m wondering if I need to run up the credit card before pieces and parts are gone?


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