Re: K4 and Reliability on previous products?

Jim - N4ST

Are you talking about the transmit dropout that occurs every 15-seconds for temperature sensing?
I almost sent my new K3S back because of this, until it was explained to me.

I also notice a TX power fluctuation if you so much as touch the PWR knob while the K3S is transmitting.

Jim - N4ST

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Sent: Saturday, May 18, 2019 11:12
Subject: Re: [Elecraft-K3] K4 and Reliability on previous products?

Interesting. I've also noted this power jitter while doing lots of IMD testing. I too sent Elecraft a video of the spectrum display and eventually received the same answer, "It will never be heard on the air."

Wes N7WS

On Saturday, May 18, 2019, 3:48:00 AM MST, Andy GD0TEP <> wrote:

I still have an issue with the stability of output power. A video was sent to the company showing my problem with a downwards flick in power on a regular basis. The response I got back was ‘normal operation’

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