Re: K4 and Reliability on previous products?


As much as I hate to add to the cacophony of responses I guess I'll succumb to the temptation to offer yet another data point.

I have had three K3s, two bought new as kits and one bought used. All three were subsequently upgraded with the new synthesizers and KXV3Bs. Not a single failure of any type in any of them. Not one.

Side note: I've had two KPA500s. They made a total of four trips back to the factory. In each case I believe the techs who worked on them were highly competent and I was treated very fairly vis-a-vis charges. Very fair.

Rick, K8GI

On Friday, May 17, 2019, 7:16:45 AM EDT, Jim M0CKE <makidoja@...> wrote:

Hi All

Nice to see Elecraft have released a new radio, however I have my reservations, especially at the price tag

So I have owned and been involved in 4 x K3 + 1 x K3s and I have seen most of the issues these products have exhibited, So what have Elecraft done to improve the K4 production and customer service?

This is being billed as a premium product thats built on a tight budget with parts made in China without the correct production quality assurance checks. And when I say premium, here in the UK the top spec K4 once imported will be at the price point of the Kenwood TS990, Icom 7851 and Yaesu FTDX9000 .. Now don't get me wrong, I'm sure performance wise it will be bob on, but come on guys I can but 2 x IC7610 or 2 x FTdx101d for the price of 1 x K4HD (Which we don't actually know the price of yet)

I have seen the following issues with the K3
Poor PCB quality. 
Failures due to poor design.
Constant issues with older K3 on cold start.
Replacement DSP board (not under warranty).
Replacement front panel board (K3S) (not under warranty).
All plastic knobs needing replacement. 
KPA100 mod due to the crappy pins that transfer power to the PA - Still a poor design even now! 
New K3S had a problem on 160m and spent weeks away, to find it's a manufacturing issue.
Internal speaker replaced due to failure (not under warranty).
Internal speaker audio really poor.
I'm sure there is more I've forgotten !!!

Although tech support from the factory is OK, they are not good at holding up hands and admitting DSP boards and Front Panels should not fail after a couple of years.

Just my 10 cents worth and years of owning the K3.


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