Re: K3 Remote Station Signal Dropping Out

Dennis Ashworth

I agree with Rick. The cutouts I encounter as almost totally the result of a slow internet connection. It is most noticeable on CW and will make you sound like a LID! That said, RFI can do the same thing. I rebuilt my station last year and proactively installed ferrites on all audio, data and power cables. Not expensive and I consider it good engineering practice in high RF environments. 

I run a K3/KPA1500 using a K3/0 mini and remote rig boxes.

Dennis, K7FL 

On May 7, 2019, at 8:08 AM, Rick - W0ZAP <W0ZAP@...> wrote:

I have multiple remote stations using this exact configuration; K3/0-Mini on the control side; K3S, KAT500, KPA500 on the radio side utilizing RemotRig boxes in between. I too use my remote stations daily; at full power (450 watts). In my experience, "dropout" issues are usually due to the throughput of the internet connection between the control side and the radio side. If he's having "streaming use" issues, he is undoubtedly referring to the connection on the control end. That issue will manifest itself in exactly the situation you describe. Google Fiber as my ISP. I have their "1000Mbps" up/down connection on the control side. I have never had issues with streaming causing problems while using my remotes. I use Dell laptops at each one of my remote sites as well as USB hubs. I've never had to resort to the use of ferrite beads at any of my installations. I suspect that if in fact, he's having RF issues at the remote end, which I doubt, he'd be better advised to review his choice of hardware in use there. Cabling can be problematic if not chosen wisely. He should not have to spend a lot of money on ferrite. More than likely, he needs to review his ISP connectivity......


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