Re: K4


I wouldn’t hold your breath yet…

Dale, k9vuj

On 05, May 2019, at 15:49, Ed Pflueger <ab4iq@...> wrote:

Well I like what I have with the K3S with the excellent receivers and the idea that I can add options when I want.  It would be nice with the P3 to have mouse capabilities and maybe the K3’s menu options appear on the P3 sort of like the Orion II’s and Omni VII’s.  A friend of mine does all of his operating via remote just several miles out of town and would like to have an easier way to connect to the rig somewhat as easy as the Flex’s without using remote rig and a pile of cables etc.  As far as an 8 inch screen what about just having a Display or HDMI port available either coming off the P3 or the K4.  Probably the K4 would be best for that option because not everyone wants a P3.
Anyway if a K4 is offered at Dayton I’ll probably buy one just like I did my KPA1500.  I just had to get my two cents worth in on the topic and would like the rig to stay approximately the same size that I have been accustomed to operating.

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