Re: PL259 - how tight?

redarlington <rdarlington@...>

We use them extensively over at the W5PDO club station here in Los Alamos.  Mostly because we got them surplus from LASL (before they turned into LANL).  Lots of random length patch cords with them at each end, or one C and one PL259 on the other.   They're used where we need to quick disconnect our antennas at the patch panels before they go into the K3 and Jupiter rigs.  We never leave them connected since we have a lot of lightning in this area.

Why didn't they catch on?  No idea.  Why won't they?   They're $45 a pop to go onto the end of a cable.

-Bob N3XKB

On Sat, May 4, 2019 at 10:44 PM w9bik <w9bik@...> wrote:
Since we're talking about RF connectors, does anyone know why the C-Type connectors never caught on in ham radio applications. We used them in the military and they were great. Quarter turn snap lock, so no over-torque issues, and they are waterproof. Seems like they would be nice for ham radio. 

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