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Firstly, why are we discussing a new Icom radio on an Elecraft reflector, when there is no Elecraft comparison radio or competition for the Icom radio?
Secondly, when mentioning frequency drift on the IC-9700, why is it not being mentioned that the rig is not out of spec?


Alan. G4GNX


From: Rob Sherwood
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There are drift issues with the IC-9700, particularly with narrow-band digital modes.  There is some drift on SSB, less on 2m, more on 70cm and a lot more on 23cm.  At least at present the IC-9700 cannot be locked to an external 10 MHz standard like many other Icom HF radios.  Do I have a need to lock my IC-7610 or TS-890S to my GPSDO?  No, but I certainly would like to lock my IC-9700 to my GPSDO or Rubidium oscillators.  Icom really dropped the ball for in that respect in the IC-9700.  A ham is Australia has a prototype board that allows the 9700 to lock to an external 10 MHz standard.  Whether it will ever be an aftermarket product is unknown at this time.


I won’t be able to test the FTdx-101D until late next week, but its architecture is very similar to the TS-890S which performs quite well.  Those two radios both sell for $4000 or less, and who knows what bargains will show up at Dayton/Xenia.  It will be interesting to see how all the DSP features (NB, NR, auto-notch) of the new Yaesu perform.  The TS-890S waterfall is fantastic, but its NR and NB are not so wonderful. 


I was on the air this morning on a 144.2 MHz SSB net, and the IC-9700 is a very nice  upgrade over my 25 year old IC-275H.


Rob, NC0B



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Elecraft is a company that has a history of surprises going all the way back to the K2 and who would have suspected the KX3 and KX2, plus the K-line and KX-line.  I suspect one day Wayne and Eric and the rest of the crew will bring out the infamous K4 or KS that will blow away Flex and probably the most dangerous radio I have seen so far as far as possible performance the FTdx101D and MP.  No need to now since the K3S is still a kick ass performer.


As far as a software goes, it sounds like you are looking for open source.  Never will happen. If for example the K3S or even the KX2 or KX3 was open source the world would be swamped with Chinese knock offs by now and Elecraft will be out of business.  That goes for all the rest of the new radios.  Making a software for any radio takes time and money. Like Microsoft or hate it, better then 80% of the market is Windoz and poor little Apple can't seem to even break 7% of the computer market and Linux is close to that now and growing. Pouring money into Apple and Linux is not going to happen soon or ever on a large scale. IMHO.


I have not seen the IC-9700, but hope to one day get one.  I am not aware of any drift problems at this time, but that does not mean that it does not happen.  The reviews on eham is 5 so far (just checked) and it is a 5.0/5.  Seems no one else is seeing a drifting problem as of yet.  You want stable, put a external transverter on your radio.


Just sharing out loud... Thinking out loud is always good also, keep it up.



Harry K7ZOV


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I wonder if Elecraft is ever going to replace the K3S with a true SDR radio that provides the processing in the rig and uses the front controls and or a low power computer to interface with it.  Similar to what Flex is doing.  I would also like the PC software to be generic platform independent so that it can run on Windows, Mac, or Linux.  I'd love to see Elecraft join the competition or maybe even jump ahead of the SDR competition.  It would also be nice to have a SDR that was STABLE in the VHF/UHF bands, unlike the new Icom 9700 which drifts and can't seem to stay on frequency.

Just thinking out loud.....



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