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Your K3 (my K3) as well as my KX2 are computers with a radio front end and computer doing all the heavy work.  That is why Win4K3Suite is about to work.. computer to computer talking.  Now take my HW16 or ALDA-103 that can't be done.  No computers (MPU's) inside each of them.

Harry K7ZOV

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I DON’T want a Computer Messing My Radio up !

That is Why I went with a K3 in the First place.

When the Power goes OUT, you’ll be in Panic Mode.



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I would be happy with my "old" K3 (#7554) and good activity on CW & SSB.

I believe most of us won't take part on a SDR competition...


I am possibly an old fashioned geezer...



Martin, OK1RR


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> I wonder if Elecraft is ever going to replace the K3S with a true SDR radio that provides the processing in the rig and uses the front controls and or a low power computer to interface with it.  Similar to what Flex is doing.  I would also like the PC software to be generic platform independent so that it can run on Windows, Mac, or Linux.  I'd love to see Elecraft join the competition or maybe even jump ahead of the SDR competition.  It would also be nice to have a SDR that was STABLE in the VHF/UHF bands, unlike the new Icom 9700 which drifts and can't seem to stay on frequency.


> Just thinking out loud.....


> Norm









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