Re: Switching Power Supply for K3s and P3

Mel Farrer, K6KBE <farrerfolks@...>

Everyone has there favorite, mine is Light Object EPS-12V29ASW.  Have had them in service for over 6 years, powering my repeater floating on a battery and my K3 in the shack also floating on a battery.  NO RFI. $45. In Elk Grove, CA.

Mel, K6KBE

On Tuesday, April 16, 2019, 1:38:39 PM PDT, dalej via Groups.Io <dalej2@...> wrote:

You can’t go wrong with the SS30DV, I have two here.  Small and powers my gear without RFI.

Dale, K9VUJ

On 16, Apr 2019, at 11:04, Marsh via Groups.Io <> wrote:

I'm looking for a small light-weight switching power supply for a K3s and P3.

Any recommendations would be welcome.

What about the Elecraft Power Werx SS30DV Compact Switching Power Supply?

Marsh, KA5M

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