Non standard freq transmission with K3

Charles Garner

Stumbled onto this recently. Of course use a dummy load. Curious if anyone else can reproduce this. If you try this and it damages your radio, that is your own responsibility.
1) set up RS-232 control and a CW memory group such as a series of V's. 2) Transmit very briefly on 21.050 CW 3) switch to, for example, 27.150 MHz, CW mode. 4) send the memory group again. 5) goto step 2.

I may have had a certain band stop filter removed from my K3 as part of an earlier repair, which may explain why I'm seeing full power into the dummy load during step 3, but the core point is that the flag that is supposed to be set to ensure an Out of Band transmit disable state is clearly missing. Note the emphasis on the dummy load so please keep the comments purely technical in nature. Also note my comment regarding the band stop filter so if you try this and damage your radio, that is your own responsibility. 

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