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Use the 12v switched 1.0A Max RCA phono jack on the back of the K3 and connect it to the Rem phono jack on the KPA1500. You will need a male - male cable. With this setup, whenever you turn on or off the K3, the KPA-1500 will follow suit. Look at the last paragraph on page 19 of the 1500 manual. It describes the operation better

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On 3/14/2019 9:11 PM, Charlie Wirth wrote:
I was wondering what others are using to apply 12 volts to the REM
jack for remote on/off operation.
I use a Velleman K8090 relay controller to switch the amp on/off.
TeamViewer and N-Button Lite for remote control.

73, Bob Patten, N4BP Plantation, FL

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