KPA1500 with non-Elecraft exciters

Richard Lawn

I'm considering replacing my KPA500/KAT500 with the 1500. On the shack desk I use a K3 and Icom 7610. Of course the KPA/500/KAT500 combo plays very nicely with the K3, but I seem to be having some tuning issues occasionally with the 7610 particularly if I move to a different part of the band - like the 40m cw portion, where there is a great match, to the SSB section. Things go into default before the tuner reaches a good match. I'm either doing something wrong or there is an issue between the icom and elecraft combo. 

I'm interested in hearing from hams that are using the new 1500 with non-Elecraft radios and if they have any similar problems.
Rick, W2JAZ

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