K3s For Sale

Doug Renwick

For sale Elecraft K3S Transceiver. I am in the process of downsizing due to
my age and wish to sell my spare K3S. It resides in Canada and would appeal
to a VE as Canadian tax has been paid. Also I have shipped many items to the
USA and world wide. Shipping is with the original Elecraft box.

Here are the specs:
Mint and loaded with maybe 1 hour receive only. Serial # 10619. Factory
built and tested with the following:
KPA3A-F 100W
E850323-F 5 ppm Oscillator
KFL3A-2.7K-F 2.7 Filter
KBPF3A-F General Coverage RX
KDVR3-F Digital Voice Recorder
KFL3A-2.1K-IR-F 2.1 kHz 8 pole filter
KFL3A-400-IR-F 400 Hz 8 pole filter
KFL3B-FM-IR-F FM 8 pole filter
KRX3A-F 2nd RX
KFL3A-2.7-F 2.7 kHz 5 pole filter
$5343 USD invested.

If interested contact me directly at ve5ra@sasktel.net


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