Re: Sub RX Failure or some config change I haven't figured out yet?

John K3TN

Thanks for the all the ideas, no configuration changes made a difference so I filed a trouble ticket with Elecraft. Rob had me look at those configurations and then send  him the current config file for the K3. That config file runs fine on a reference K3 at Elecraft, so the conclusion is some kind of hardware failure.

Rather than pay to ship back and forth and Elecraft's hourly repair fee, Rick N1RM locally here (Reston VA area) has retired and is doing Acom Amp and Ke repairs, so will enlist his services to work with data and suggestions from Elecraft to locate failure.

I hate to say it but this K3S (about 3 years old) now joins almost every other piece of gear I've bought from Elecraft in having some type of hardware failure requiring repair - 3 different K3s, a KPA500, a KAT500 and a K3/Mini. The KPOD and a P# I bought used are the only exceptions. I don't think I'm hard on equipment but there I am one of only two common denominators!

73 John K3TN

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