Re: No power out on data A mode after firmware upgrade

KE1F Lou

Do you have "DATA MD" on K3 in "DATA A" position?

73 Lou  KE1F

On 2/3/2019 1:28 PM, Bob Brodovsky wrote:
I've got a problem that just sprang up after I did the latest firmware upgrade. I've been running WSJTX to do FT8 for some time. This morning I turned it on and went to transmit and there's no power output. Transmit light is on, P3 is reporting 0.0 watts out, nothing on the KPA500. I tried resetting the radio, confirming mic input to line. I tried it on FLdigi with the same result. WSJTX works fine on USB with the computer speaker used for modulation but as soon as I use the USB codec theres no power out. SSB, AM and CW work normally. Any suggestions? Bob K6UDA

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