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Rob Sherwood

Hi Bob,

I would count the order differently if numbering is of interest.  The radio at #1 cannot be reproduced with current software.  #2 is a receiver, but the second sample of the same model is lower.  That puts the K3S at the top. There are four K3 radios of some version or other down the list so I would only count the first one.

I would leave out the KX3 since the value is between 104 dB and 65 dB, depending on how you consider worst case which is the opposite sideband rejection. Perseus is only a receiver, so drop that from your count.  

That makes the K3S #1 and the 7610 #9 if you want to count for some reason. The difference in 2 kHz dynamic range is 106 dB compared to 98 dB.  Both radios work really well, so if I was making a choice I would consider all the pros and cons of each radio. 

Let’s look at two radios that are 1 dB apart, as if that mattered. The Flex 6600M is 99 dB and the IC-7610 is 98 dB.  The radios are vastly different.  I might choose the Flex for its features or the Icom for its features. I would not pick one over the other because of 1 dB. That would be silly. 

Another case in point. The Hilberling is a very nice SSB radio, but not a completion CW radio even though it is rated at 105 dB. That is the same 105 dB rating as a second sample K3S tested on 10 meters vs. 20 meters.  

Consider drawing a line somewhere on my table, say at 90 dB. I think there are 18 different models that are that good.  Now look at all the attributes and features of each one, including price, and decide what is right for each individual.  

If all I operated was SSB and FT8, I would pick an IC-7300 for $999.00 when it on sale.  Being an S&P CW contester, the TS-890S has a waterfall that is the best I have ever used.  It also has the best RMDR I have ever tested.  

The bottom line is as ham radio operators we now have the most amazing selection of outstanding transceivers to choose from in the 58 years I have been a ham.  

73, Rob Sherwood, NC0B

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Repeating, it is now at

Bob, N6TV

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Is this table still available somewhere?


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