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Bob Wilson, N6TV

On Wed, Jan 16, 2019 at 8:24 AM KE1F Lou <lmecseri@...> wrote:
I am running a K3s and trying to set up MMTTY using WIN 10 OS without
success. (I had it working once)

Did it work via AFSK (speaker audio from sound card wired to LINE IN) or FSK (keying circuit on Pin 1 of ACC port)?

My device manager shows that Com 3, Com 9 and Com198 available.
Regardless which com port I use on MMTTY, I get an error message "Can't
open port X.

Assuming these are all FTDI USB-to-Serial devices, MMTTY cannot directly open any of these ports at 45.5 baud, either because another program is already using it, or because the device does not support being opened at that speed.  You can't use any of these COM port numbers on the TX Tab.  Instead, you must select EXTFSK from the drop-down list of COM ports, and click "OK."  Then a pop-up window called "EXTFSK" will appear, and you can select COM198 in that window, assuming that's the port with an FSK keying circuit connected to Pin 1 of the K3 ACC port.

If you don't see a choice for EXTFSK, go to, scroll down to the bottom of the page, download, and extract it to the MMTTY directory (usually C:\HAM\MMTTY\).

Port 3 is used by WinKey and Port 9 is used by K3s for CAT.

That's why I assumed you must use COM198, if you know what that is.  What does it say in Device Manager?  If it disappears when you unplug your USB-to-Serial adapter to FSK keying circuit, then you have the right port.
Is this a K3s (Config), RTTY or Windows issue?????

It's an MMTTY Configuration issue.

FYI, I created the Y-BOX to make it easy to get to any pin on the K3 ACC port, and I created the S-BOX/S-BOX-USB in part to provide four keying circuits for FSK/PTT (or CW) all in one box.  A single 15-pin cable can carry the FSK and PTT keying lines between the S-BOX and the K3 or Y-BOX.

There are many other FSK keying options listed here:

Computers will destroy us. :)

Usually it works the other way around. :-)

Bob, N6TV

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