Re: K3s & RTTY

Max NG7M

Good and Long Winded... I guess that's a compliment? :) I don't think I have seen someone that create something more detailed, that is for sure.  However, the detail pretty much leaves everything covered if you want to setup FSK with a serial port with a K3 and MMTTY.  One thing that is very handy in YouTube is jumping forward and back 10 seconds with the arrow keys.  You can also use the 'J' and 'L' keys to jump back and forward in YouTube.  10 second jumps really let you move quickly.  Using the keyboard shortcuts make a big difference if you need to repeat a section 100 times like some guys need, based on my experience.

I also made the video during the BARTG so I would have signals to demo live with in the video.  It's always a challenge when you put yourself out there in a video like this, short and sweet with very little info, or long and detailed... which I guess is long winded.  I chose the long winded route and haven't had to spend hours on the phone or remoted in to some guys station via TeamViewer to unwind all the crazy chaotic button clicking and jacked up sound card / n1mm settings / K3 config menu settings they usually apply because the concepts never quite sink in.  Never again now I have my video... ;)

Plus, I never need to field several phone calls before a contest weekend with guys that seem to do a Steller job of  screwing up their FSK setup from contest to contest.  I point them to the video and say, now you can learn to do it on your own. :)

Max NG7M

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