Re: K3s & RTTY

Ed Pflueger

Is it a K3 or K3S? I use AFSK with my K3S. TX is set at none, Misc. is set
at Sound, and Sound card is set at USB audio codec in the MMTTY program. In
the K3S use AFSK A for the data mode and VOX turned on and PTT is OFF-OFF in
CNFG. Works great here.

Ed.. AB4IQ

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Subject: [Elecraft-K3] K3s & RTTY

I am running a K3s and trying to set up MMTTY using WIN 10 OS without
success. (I had it working once)

My device manager shows that Com 3, Com 9 and Com198 available.
Regardless which com port I use on MMTTY, I get an error message "Can't open
port X.

Port 3 is used by WinKey and Port 9 is used by K3s for CAT.

Is this a K3s (Config), RTTY or Windows issue?????

73 Lou KE1F

Computers will destroy us. :)

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