Re: Remote antenna switching

Jeff Wheeler W7JW

Tnx to all who replied. I now have a better idea of I need to move forward. 
Jeff W7JW

From: Rick Tavan
Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2019 2:19 PM
Subject: Re: [Elecraft-K3] Remote antenna switching
I have a Top Ten Devices Band Aide decoder picking up band data from the AUX/ACC connector (15 pin D-Sub) on my K3. I use the internal jumper pad in the Band Aide so that multiple bands select the same output for a multi-band antenna (SteppIR). The decoder outputs antenna selection lines to a WX0B Six Pak antenna switch. That's all I really need and what I use 95% of the time.
Although not currently in use, I can also connect a dummy load or seventh antenna to ANT2 on the KPA1500 and switch it manually via KPA1500 Remote.
And I have an external relay board that can re-steer certain bands to a rarely-used, alternate, multi-band antenna. I control the relays using a program on a server computer in the shack that I access using Chrome Remote Desktop. It doesn't have to be this complex and if you have all mono-banders, it could be a lot simpler!  ;-)
/Rick N6XI

Rick Tavan
Truckee, CA

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