moderated Re: How can I remote my own K3s?

Dennis Ashworth

I’ll second John’s remarks. I used the K3/0 mini + RRC’s from Mexico for last months CQWW CW with great success. We elected to travel full time in our motor coach about two years ago and I used the remote frequently. Internet connectivity is the constraint, but I’ve used a Verizon Jetpack successfully in 95%+ occasions... even in remote areas like Labrador. 

As others have remarked, it’s not totally plug and play, but you’ll learn lots by getting things communicating. Having someone at the station end is an asset.

Dennis K7FL 

On Dec 18, 2018, at 3:16 AM, John Howell <jshowelljr@...> wrote:


I have used K3/0 + RRC and the combo worked very well for me, even on CW.  Setup can be a bit tricky so time and patience will help.

John AF3K  

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