K3S Tune Power

Bob McGraw - K4TAX

I've read the manual and I've read the Fred Caddy book on the topic.   I have my K3S TUNE power set to 020 or 20 watts.   Also have PWR SET set to Per Band and it is not locked.   This is correct to drive my KPA500.   What I observe in TUNE mode on all bands except 6M is that tune power is 20 watts.  And on 6M it is 16 watts as displayed on the VFO B line.   External power measurement is 20 watts +/- 1 watt on all bands 160M - 10M and on 6M it is 16 watts.    The internal ATU is in BYPASS for all bands and measurements.   I can change the PWR setting to 20 watts on 6M in TUNE mode and the measured power is 19 watts.    But on the next TUNE cycle the power reverts to 16 watts.      I just find it a bit interesting that all bands the displayed and tune power is 20 watts and on 6M it is 16 watts.   Firmware is 5.66 and 2.88

Is this just the way it is or am I missing something?


Bob, K4TAX

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