Re: Slight Frequency Shift When Keying

Richard Williams


Am surprised you turn off your radio every night.  Other than when on vacation or TRWs are in the area, I leave my computers (I let the monitors go to sleep), K3S, and just about all the associated equipment on 24/7 (except for the amp).

The only time I have had an issue with a computer or the K3, was after I had turned them off, and then back on.

Dick, K8ZTT 

On Mon, Nov 26, 2018 at 6:17 AM, wb6bee
<wb6bee@...> wrote:
That' interesting.   I am using the Powerwerx SS 30 DV power supply for the K3s.   I AM leaving it on all night (and have forever).   

I will rig up some measuring for it and see what happens.


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