Re: Slight Frequency Shift When Keying



Roy, K6XK, told me the same thing about my keying. It appears to happen when I leave the RS 30m turned on overnight and doesn't happen when I turn the PS off before going to bed.

I turn the K3 off every night before I QRT for the day. However during the time of the year when thunderstorm activity is low, I was leaving the supply run all night long. When I started doing this is when Roy started telling me about the slight frequency shift. As the thunderstorm activity began to rise I started turning off the PS before retiring for bed, the frequency shift problem went away.

I'm wondering if something is heating up in the K3 when the power supply is left turned on all night long.

I have not discussed this problem with Elecraft. John/K4WJ

On 11/23/2018 8:28 AM, wb6bee wrote:
I have a K3s.   I only use CW.   I only use a Bug.   Speed about 26-28 wpm.    I have the K3s set on "non-QSK", but the interval is short.   

I got the following Report

"When it happens it is always after you send a string of characters and pause for a few seconds. When you start xmitting again your freq will shift ever so slightly, like maybe 5 Hz or so. It will hold that freq until another long pause the back to the original freq. Back and forth  just every once in awhile then sometimes not at all. "

The change when I pause may be due to the non-QSK timing out.

Anyone have any similar experiences and/or comments


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