Re: K3s Setting Up N1mm+ with RTL-SDR with Waterfall Bandmap


I find it surprising that simply checking those two boxes would cause the program not to start - but if you want to uncheck them by editing the ini file, open the ini file with Notepad, look for a section called [ExternalBroadcast], and delete any lines that look like IsBroadcastxxx=True (xxx might be Radio or Spots or ...). Save the ini file. That will uncheck those boxes.

If there is something more serious wrong in the ini file, look in the same folder for files with names like n1mm logger.ini.Saturday.bak and so on. Find one from a day when you know the program worked. Rename the present n1mm logger.ini file to something else (such as n1mm logger.ini.bad), rename the known-good file to n1mm logger.ini, and restart the program.

In the worst case, if none of the day-of-the-week named backups works, you can simply rename the ini file so that there is no file called n1mm logger.ini in the folder and start the program. You will have to reconfigure from scratch, and the program will also give you the option of starting over with a brand-new empty database.

If *that* fails, it may be time to think about reinstalling, but not before.

Rich VE3KI

On Sun, Nov 18, 2018 at 01:03 PM, @chuck43 wrote:
GM Rich,

Before your last I did something dumb and checked off the two port boxes on the broadcast page for UDP.

Now N1mm won't start!  Imagine I need to go into an INI file and change something?  Or do I have to do a completer reinstall?

Tks.  Chuck N7BV

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