Re: K3s Setting Up N1mm+ with RTL-SDR with Waterfall Bandmap


Set the source in WB to the name of the ExtIO.dll file, which must be in the same directory as the WaterfallBandmap.exe file. You will need to check the SDR at IF? check box. The IF frequency is 8215 kHz. You can fine tune using the Offset (Hz) box - you will need to change the value in the Offset box when you change modes (e.g. +/- 1500 Hz in USB/LSB). Also check Auto Correct I & Q, and unless you are on 6m, check Swap I & Q. Start out with the # Freq Bins at 16384 or 32768 (depends on how fast your CPU is).

If the WB program doesn't see your SDR, it should give you an error message to that effect. If it doesn't give you the error message but you don't see anything, the initial setting for the "Contrast" slider may be too low - try increasing it until you see dark blue background in the waterfall. You will probably need to use the Zoom slider to zoom in and give you a reasonable span on the waterfall.

Once the WB spectrum is displaying, check to see whether frequency markers are being displayed properly on the WB waterfall. If they aren't, the UDP broadcast from N1MM+ is probably not set up correctly ( If everything looks OK in the WB window, it is time to open the N1MM+ Spectrum Display window. Set the source to "For all other radios, source named" - the only one on the popup list should be Waterfall Bandmap.

Rich VE3KI

On Sat, Nov 17, 2018 at 03:05 PM, @chuck43 wrote:

I know I am not the sharpest blade in the drawer, however right now I feel dumber than a rock.

Have a RTL2832U R820T2 SDR connected to the K3s IF Out then USB to computer.

Have the ExtIO.dll installed in the Waterfall directory   Which is in the root directory of Documents along with N1MM+.

I get no indication on the spectrum display.

Am confused as to what to put in the spectrum source, have tried call sound card based SDR, or
the ExtIO.  Exactly what should be entered I don't know.

Thanks for your input.

Chuck N7BV

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