Re: Use Of AIRSPY HF+ With K3 (S upgraded)



Unless I am doing something wrong, I have found that the RX Ant output is only enabled when the RX ANT switch is pressed. Of course, this means that the K3's receiver gets its input from the RX ANT input. So, what I do is connect a cable to RX Ant Out with the other end connected to a splitter (actually, I just use a BNC tee) - one leg of the splitter's output goes to the RX Ant In jack, and the other goes to the SDR. I can use the SDR and/or the K3's receiver simultaneously. Note that there seems to be a low-pass filter in the path to the RX Ant output, which means that if you put the SDR on a higher frequency band than the K3's main RX, its input will be attenuated. I believe this is the same phenomenon that occurs with the K3's subRX when CONFIG:VFO IND is set.

Rich VE3KI

On Fri, Oct 19, 2018 at 04:18 PM, @chuck43 wrote:

As I read back topic's on the use of SDR's I am confused by some comments about using the ANT-RX output.  Is it possible to gain a connection to ANT-1 for use with an external SDR? 

What I would like to do is have access to the SDR RX and the K3 RX in an either-/both possibilities.   This would allow, using SDR console software to monitor multiple bands.

Thanks for your input.

73, Chuck N7BV

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