Re: Surge protection for AC circuit serving my station KPA1500

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From: llibsch <llibsch@...>
Sent: Sunday, October 14, 2018 8:50 AM
Subject: [Elecraft-K3] Surge protection for AC circuit serving my station KPA1500

     I am building a station from which I hope to operate remotely. I will be unable to disconnect power sources when the station is not in use. I have a whole house AC shunt type surge protector at the main panel where AC enters the house. The station is about 40ft away from the main panel at the opposite end of the basement. I would like to protect my station equipment from lightning damage that could occur from lightning entering AC lines in the house which are energized by lightning directly or indirectly from other conductors (telephone lines, copper pipes carrying water and propane, CAT cable, other). The KPA 1500 specs show supply voltage and current as "195 to 250VAC, 50/60Hz up to 20 amps." I would like to find a surge protector that I can install at the new panel I plan to have installed at the station to provide surge protection to via the AC power to my equipment. One possibility might be to use a shunt type device like the one providing whole house protection at the main panel and having it shunt a surge to the single point ground just outside my station. I have been advised that better protection is provided by serial type surge protectors and that one could be custom built to serve for 240V 20 amp service but that the custom built device would be expensive. How are other owners of KPA1500s protecting their equipment from lightning damage entering through AC power cords, especially in the case of those operating remotely?
K4KGG, Larry

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