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"I'm not aware of any software package that allows a comm port to be shared by two different apps."

Here are two - they both work by connecting directly to the real K3, creating a virtual K3 in software, and then connecting to other apps using multiple virtual com ports, one per app, that all control the same virtual K3 and through it the real K3:

LP-Bridge (<>)

Win4K3Suite (<>)

As for the two radio control connectors on the back of the K3S, my understanding is that when the USB port is active for radio control, the RS232 port simply echoes the serial communications on the USB port. I don't believe it is intended to be used as a second independent control port.

Rich VE3KI

On Mon, Sep 24, 2018 at 04:26 PM, Michael Foerster wrote:

I hadn't thought about how the remote control software ( would react to the Metacommand change (AI2 mode).  
   This brings up the question, if the rig is put into "AI2" mode, does this affect BOTH comm ports on the K3S or just the one where the command is executed?  I'll have to try to figure out a way to test this. What comes to mind is to try to connect the Serial and the USB ports to different instances of the K3 comm firmware, or at least to another terminal session of some type and see if they both react to the twist of the knob. 

  I could monitor the comms to see if something gets transmitted, but I do need to have the ability to write the new power setting to the radio.  I'm not aware of any software package that allows a comm port to be shared by two different apps.
  Also, it is only occasionally that I actually use the radio remotely so it will not be running all of the time.

What I have in mind is to emulate the KPA500 command structure using the Arduino so that I can use the LDMOS amplifier remotely through a second comm port.  I do have a KPA500, but a part of my design goal on this is to allow the LDMOS amp to be used remotely as well.  

Thanks for the replies...


Mike, W0IH

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