Re: K3S & KX3 Polling Frequency for Arduino


Are you using logging software that also polls the radio? If so, changing the mode to AI2 may not be tolerated by the logging software, which may not react favourably to unexpected responses from the radio. If you can rely on logging software to poll the radio periodically, maybe you can just eavesdrop on the polls and responses and use that information. Perhaps the RS232 port can be used in such a "listen-only" mode while the USB port is being used for radio control.

Rich VE3KI

On Sat, Sep 22, 2018 at 05:00 PM, Michael Foerster wrote:
I’m working on an Arduino circuit to go between a home brew (from kit) LDMOS amplifier (~1200w) and either my K3S or KX3. The Arduino will watch for band changes on the rig (via RS232 Comms) to change the band switch on the Amp.  It will also set the power level on the rig to keep from overdriving the Amp input.  I’m hoping to set up the Comms to work with both rigs.

I know that I can use the MetaCommand “AI2” which will report both the Frequency change and Power Control setting.  However I’m concerned about the AI command somehow being reset and not reporting correctly so I’m thinking about using the “FA” and “PC” commands to poll the radio every few seconds.

So my question is, can I poll either rig every second or two to check for frequency change and somewhat less often for user power change?  The frequency check should be somewhat often so that when you do change bands, that the Ampband change is reasonably fast.  Anyone have any idea how often you can poll the radios and what the ramifications are for too much comm traffic?

Another question: can the RS232 and USB Comms on the K3S be used independently?  I also have my K3S connected for Remote operation, so I would need one port for the Amp polling and the other for Remote control.


Mike, W0IH

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